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Exhibitor’s Information

Exhibits will be set up and opened on Friday and Saturday, March 18&19, 2005. All exhibitors will be located at the Ft. Myer Community Center; Bldg 405. The Community Center is the second building to your right from the front of Brucker Hall; Bldg. 400, home of The U.S. Army Band. The cost for space is progressive: $800.00 for all major instrument companies with a minimum of three 6 x 2 ½ foot tables. Equivalent space or additional tables are $200.00 each. Smaller merchants/vendors selling products such as leather cases-pouches, mouthpieces, music, recordings, etc., will be charged $200.00 per table requested or the equivalent in space. Therefore, be sure to rent enough tables to meet your needs.

Checks are to be made payable to:


C/O SFC Jerry Amoury
7406 Charlotte Street
Springfield, VA 22150

Exhibit materials and instruments should be sent so as to arrive no earlier than Tuesday, March 15th, 2005. Please be sure to let your drivers know that Eastern Trombone Workshop personnel will not provide assistance for unloading, moving or loading of any equipment or materials. Let your transport drivers know they are unloading all materials in front of the Community Center on the street, as there is no loading/unloading dock. All materials and instruments are to be sent to:

Ft. Myer Community Center
C/O Eastern Trombone Workshop
Building 405
Ft. Myer, VA 22211-1199

Schedule of Activities

Friday, March 18th
9:00am-12:00pm-Exhibitors set up tables and displays.
12:00-6:00pm-Exhibits open.
Saturday, March 19th
9:00am-5:00pm-Exhibits open.
5:00pm-6: 30pm-Tear down. All tear down activities are to be completed by 6:30pm. Please be sure to bring your own carrying carts, extension cords, etc. for set-up. Returning merchandise is to be put behind curtain on the Community Center stage.

Liability and Insurance

The U.S. Army, the Eastern Trombone Workshop or any ETW staff members will not be responsible for the safety of the property of the exhibitor(s) from theft, damage by fire, accident, or other causes, but will use reasonable care to protect exhibitors from such loss and will secure the building during those periods when the exhibit area is not open to the public. No responsibility is assumed for goods delivered to the exhibit area prior to the Workshop or for materials left in the exhibit area after final closing of the exhibits. Security has become an important issue on Ft. Myer so please allow for possible delays getting on post.